What is Brat Camp?

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BRAT CAMP, originally seen in the UK on Channel 4, depicted the progress of troubled teens through their stay at Turn-About Ranch in Utah. The experience was so successful that the US created their own brat camp series on ABC, which featured Sage Walk – The Wilderness School.

The newest in the BRAT CAMP series returns to Turn-About Ranch with teenagers from Germany. This production has loving been titled “Teenagers Out of Control” or “Teenager auser Kontrolle” in German.

The term “Brat Camp” was created for the TV show. A Brat Camp is really a therapeutic school or wilderness program for troubled teens. These kinds of programs have been around for years and have helped thousands of children and teenagers who have struggles with behavioral and emotional issues.

A true therapeutic program is NOT a boot camp or a military school. Real therapeutic wilderness programs are very effective at changing troubled teens’ behavior and have been proven to show long-term results. Troubled youth can experience powerful personal growth in a structured, therapeutic program under the care of trained and licensed counselors and therapists. Brat Campers are NOT yelled at, physically disciplined or ever put in any harm or unsafe position.

By taking troubled kids out of their normal environments, they’re forced to face their past behaviors and choices and learn from them. With a group of their peers, they embark on a journey of personal and emotional growth, skill development, and challenging wilderness expeditions. In just a few weeks, children and teenagers have a new perspective on their lives and their families and hope for their futures.

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Brat Camps for Troubled Teens