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Adirondack Leadership Expeditions aims to teach participants to think more insightfully, assess their abilities, improve communication skills and practice healthy behavioral habits. Adirondack's therapeutic approach helps participants address personal issues, achieve success in a safe environment, and develop their leadership potential.

Adirondack's character development program promotes personal growth through insight-oriented wilderness experiences. By removing students from their typical environment, teens are required to learn different skills as they gain insight into their core values and begin to recognize the results of their past choices.

Program Highlights

  • Individual Counseling
  • Daily Processing Groups
  • Flexible Lengths of Stay
  • Master's level Counselors
  • Weekly Progress Sessions
  • Parenting Seminar
  • Parent Education Materials
  • Clothing, Gear & Equipment Included
Struggling teenagers (13 to 17 years old) who are experiencing or exhibiting any of the following behaviors are good candidates for Adirondack Leadership Expeditions: entitlement and manipulation, family conflict, isolation, low self-esteem, substance use, defiant behavior, attention deficit, learning differences, school failure, and negative peer relationships.

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Brat Camps for Troubled Teens