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Young people, often referred to as troubled teens, who are displaying emotional or behavioral challenges such as depression, anger/aggression, school failure, or substance abuse, are ideal candidates for alternative therapy programs or outdoor intervention programs. Wilderness therapy, in the purest form, is a positive growth experience where children are encouraged, challenged and give every opportunity to succeed.

By removing the child from their usual environment, the one that has led them down a negative path, the wilderness serves as a non-judgmental arena in which students can challenge themselves physically and emotionally while exploring the unhealthy self-defeating, reckless or self-destructive behaviors and choices from their past. The wilderness becomes a tool which quickly and effectively impacts children and teenagers. As trained counselors work with children to help them recognize the long-term value of their experiences, students begin to learn to accept responsibility for their actions, and to better understand the correlation between cause and effect, action and reaction.

Mother Nature is a powerful therapist – she can not be turned off, tuned out, or manipulated. Students who failed more traditional types of treatment respond to the challenges found in living a primitive life where the values of responsibility, hard work, and respect of self and others are more important that what everyone’s wearing, watching, or listening to. As students embark on their journey of self-discovery, they enter a time of reflection and learn about their true selves.

Some programs also offer Equine Therapy or Equine Facilitated Learning. Learn more about Equine Facilitated Learning >>

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Brat Camps for Troubled Teens