What about Boarding Schools?

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Boarding schools are often an effective solution for many troubled teens and may be the best place for the graduate of a wilderness program. A therapeutic or emotional growth boarding school offers a way for teenagers to continue the treatment they began in the wilderness.

Instead of returning home to the same negative environment that lead to bad decisions and behaviors, a structured boarding school can provide the academic and therapeutic resources to promote personal growth and success.

Public schools just aren’t equipped to deal with adolescents who have emotional issues or learning disabilities. Private boarding schools offer trained counselors and therapists in addition to smaller classes and more individualized attention. Specialty boarding schools, such as schools just for children with ADHD, girls only, or for teens that have substance abuse issues, can further help your child in specific areas that traditional schools are unable.

In addition, private boarding schools offer extracurricular activities that help develop positive self-esteem, personal responsibility, and a more positive outlook on life.

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