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  • Reports Reveal Pattern of Brutality in Chinese Attempts to 'Treat' Internet Addiction

    With the concept of Internet addiction itself still somewhat controversial, attempts to treat this disorder have yet to be standardized, resulting in a wide range of treatment philosophies and methodologies. While many Chinese programs have opted for harsh (some would say torturous) techniques that risk clients' health - and, in some cases, their very lives - a number of respected programs in the United States have had success by implementing much more humane, progressive means of treating Internet addiction and video game compulsions. more...

  • Treating Peter Pan Syndrome with Wilderness Therapy

    The "Peter Pan Syndrome" is a common phenomenon witnessed by parents: young people in their late teens and twenties who look like adults on the outside, but are still teenagers on the inside. Often, these young adults get caught up with "partying" and staying out all hours of the night, resisting the responsibilities of adulthood and glorifying the "freedom" of adolescence. more...

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