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Read how Aspen's brat camps transformed the lives of these teens and families:

Alex from Brat Camp 2:

On the way to the airport to go to Turn-About Alex revealed she was nervous, but it was worth it. 'The camp has made a huge difference not only to Alex's life but all our lives,' Lisa says. 'We are all much happier now and optimistic about the future. Alex is calmer and much more focused.'

Jenni from Brat Camp 2:

According to Jenni's family, she now has a job and she has a clean-cut look. The camp has made a big difference. Her parents say she is happy and fun to be with, able to appreciate consequences...After the camp she said, 'I love my horse. I really have to go back to Utah in the summer. I miss everyone so much!'

Josh from Brat Camp 2:

Josh has turned himself around and is now off drugs.

His father Sean says: 'Josh always fell back on his art to express his feelings and deal with problems, brought about by muggings and bullying. Music was always useful in that it allowed Josh to forget about his problems. Since Brat Camp Josh has become an avid reader.'

Josh was very keen to go to the camp. 'I think he realised that something had to give,' Sean says. 'I admire him for realising this. I can't begin to tell you what a big difference the camp has made. Josh is a wonderful kid. He is caring, loving and warm and has direction in his life. He seems so switched on again. It's great to have conversations with Josh now and he makes eye contact with me. He went away a troubled boy and came back a well-rounded man.'

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Brat Camps for Troubled Teens