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Aspen Education Group's wilderness programs have been featured on the latest season of the UK's award-winning TV series, affectionately dubbed BRAT CAMP. Aspen's Sage Walk wilderness program was featured on the U.S.'s Brat Camp Series that aired on ABC. Families everywhere are learning about and being inspired by the remarkable transformational opportunities available at Aspen's therapeutic programs across the country.

For over two decades, Aspen Education Group has been helping teens through unique and effective programs. Aspen’s programs also have been featured on DR. PHIL, CNN, NPR, the New York Times and People Magazine.

As parents, you want a reputable wilderness program with the most experienced staff. We are the leading organization in the U.S. offering therapeutic educational programs for young people. Our committed and highly qualified professionals offer the most effective interventions for your struggling child.

Brat camps - wilderness therapy camps - offer the most effective and FASTEST way of reaching defiant teens who have been hostile to parental efforts to change their behavior.

Your child will be in a safe yet challenging environment where the power of the natural world combined with the professional expertise of our therapists and field instructors creates a uniquely powerful and transformational experience.

We believe all teens have an inner desire to succeed and make their families proud. Sometimes years of struggle at school and with parents and teachers has made these teens turn inward. They focus on being cool and avoiding responsibility. As a parent, you have probably experienced incredible frustration as you try to reason with your teen - you are fed up with the hostility and can't understand why your child doesn't understand that all you want is for them to be HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL in life.


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Brat Camps for Troubled Teens