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Sage Walk was the featured program on ABC's Brat Camp

Sage Walk provides help for troubled teens by bringing students and instructors together to live in a nature-based setting that provides an opportunity to learn about the natural environment, wilderness-oriented survival techniques, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and accepting responsibility for actions and consequences.

Students participate in a variety of activities that include group and individual therapy, academic studies, primitive camping skills, navigation and orienteering skills, service projects, goal setting workshops, food preparation, backpacking, and journal writing.

We offer gender-specific groups, and because we are a licensed treatment program we also can offer specialized groups for teens with substance abuse issues.


  • Effective and powerful wilderness school that helps teens face their self-defeating behaviors and make real changes
  • Experienced Therapists and Highly Skilled Wilderness Guides
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Expertise in substance use and abuse
  • ParentCheckin.com allows parents to follow their child's progress via a secure website
Sage Walk offers the transformational power of the wilderness as well as therapeutic and academic support for teens ages 13-18.

Call toll-free: 800.877.1922

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Brat Camps for Troubled Teens